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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  November 11, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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hostage situation. we wore worried about that. >> reporter: the man had his 16- year-old daughter in the suv. she was able to run to safety within about a half hour as the man negotiated on the phone. >> there was various times in which he was speaking to us. he became very angry and agitated. we hang up the phone and then call back and so, you know, this is someone who is truly mentally unstable. >> reporter: valentino finally gave himself up at 8:15 a.m., clearly following authorities's instructions from his cell phone to get out of the passenger side of the car, put up his hands, lift up his shirt and spin around to show he didn't have any explosives. officers found this pellet gun in his suv. valentino says he had a handgun but threw it over the side of the bridge. he was taken into questioning in san francisco and his vehicle was towed. you can see from the markings that he worked as an emergency responder, well before he
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caused an emergency of his own. >> it's a big, big cry for help. >> reporter: he told police he was having marital problems. his sister showed thus text message she says was from valentino saying, today carlos took his life after learning his wife of 20 years was having an affair with a married man. >> when i talked to him just a few minutes ago i mean, he was very remorseful, depressed obviously, apologetic. it's a tough situation for him to go through him and his family. >> reporter: for drivers some turning around and driving the wrong way to get out of this mess, it was a crazy commuted. >> it's kind of scary. we feel bad for the man that's doing this. >> i just sat and waited and wanted to make sure everything was okay. >> reporter: this afternoon, officers were deciding whether to take this man directly to jail or to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. he will likely face some charges. anything from domestic terrorism and kidnapping to something as simple as impeding
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traffic. in oakland, anne makovec, cbs 5. a march is going on right now to protest the deadly shooting of a man by oakland police. these pictures were taken just a short time ago. the march heading to the fruitvale bart station. protestors demanding justice for derrick jones. police were chasing him monday night and they opened fire after they say he reached into his waistband. autopsy results show jones was hit several times in the front of his body, not the back as his family claimed. police were responding to a domestic dispute call and say jones took offer running after beating a woman -- took off running after beating a woman. oscar grant's family are joining them in the march. this time yesterday, some people living in the east bay were in a "shelter in place" order. black smoke was pouring from the tesoro refinery. right now they are trying to start the facility again. sherry hu has the latest. >> reporter: allen, blue skies
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behind me here not a hint of black smoke you mentioned that was seen for miles yesterday after a power outage forced the refinery to stop operations. a spokesman for the refinery says they are in the process now of restarting but coming online takes while and isn't just a simple flip of the switch. the black smoke came from the flaring and it's all part of the shutdown process to burn off hydrocarbon. all the equipment worked as it was supposed to according to a spokesman. because of the smoke the county health department called for shelter in place as a precaution so for a few hours people were advised to close windows, doors and to avoid the black smoke. tesoro says they had a complete power outage including the main power and the backup. and it's now working with pg&e to figure out what happened exactly and what the cause was. now, allen, on the upside, no one was hurt either at the refinery or anyone in the
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neighborhood. >> thank you, sherry hu. well, don perata says he is not going to contest the results in oakland's maryland race. election officials named city council member jean quan as the narrow winner yesterday after they finished counting votes under the city's new ranked choice system. perata received the most first choice votes. but not enough to win outright. this morning he said he doesn't believe that a lot of people understood the city's ranked choice system but he is not going to call for a recount. >> this is a new thing for oakland. i'm more than happy to see what unfolds. but, you know, i'm not going to lead that charge. >> quan will become oakland's first female mayor and the first asian-american woman to lead a major u.s. city. last night she thanked her supporters who propelled her to a stunning victory. >> i'm actually announcing on monday a transition advisory group and i particularly plan to choose supporters among the people i ran against, including
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senator perata. >> quan will replace outgoing mayor ron dellums who decided not to seek a second term. also in the east bay, congressman jerry mcnerney is declaring victory in the 11th district race. the latest count shows him about 2,000 votes more than republican challenger david harmer. the incumbent called the lead insurmountable. >> i'm truly honored. i'm truly humbled and honored to accept that choice and to do my best to serving this community for the next two years. >> however, harmer has not conceded. the four counties involved don't expect to certify the results until november 24 at the earliest. this veterans day, parades all over the bay area honoring the millions of men and women who have served or are serving in our military. in san jose, it's one of the biggest veterans day parades in the country. it began with a memorial ceremony at plaza de cesar chavez.
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this year's grand marshal the former mayor of milpitas who was a marine and served in korea. the parade in marin county included a salute to the original tuskegee air men, the nation's first black military airmen. a bad taste in my mouth, literally. >> a dream vacation turned nightmare. four-day ordeal of no food, no power, no flushing toilets, finally ends. i was absolutel horrified and disgusted. >> the title alone triggered outrage and criticism the how- to book that caused so much controversy that has now been yanked. >> and you probably see them popping up everywhere, cash back debit card deals that say your bank will pay you to make everyday purchases. but have you read the fine print? we are doing it for you coming up. >> later a cruel crime with now a happy homecoming. how dog and owner were reunited. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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cold showers and no toilets for 14 hours. that was not fun. >> the worst part of was the smell and the food was just deplorable. >> for thousands of passengers an crew aboard that crippled cruise ship it was and their ordeal at sea is finally over. they docked at san diego today
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after days with little food, backed up toilets, dark cabins because there was no electricity. kennedy did i gibson with the cruise that sailed into trouble. >> reporter: passengers filed off the carnival splendor eager for hot showers and meals. >> no more sandwiches please. >> reporter: almost four days after the ship lost power at sea it reached san diego. >> my husband is a boy scout of true proportions. he brought a flashlight and head lamped lamp. >> reporter: six tugboats inched the nearly 1,000-foot vessel into dock. passengers began emerging an hour later with stories about the darkness and foul smell. >> it just lot of a bad taste in my mouth literally. >> reporter: passengers shot video during the voyage of smoke from the fire in the engine room. the evacuation and the coast guard coming to their aid. to make up for this trip carnival is offering passengers a refund and another free cruise. some were so impressed with the staff, they say they will sail
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again. >> this is our first time. it can't be any worse than this. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the couple would have rather spent their honeymoon in the mexican riviera but called this trip memorable. >> we'll have a story to tell that is certain. >> reporter: dozens of buses lined up to whisk passengers away to hotel rooms paid for by carnival. family members who would rather pick up loved ones had special commemorative t-shirts. the ordeal inspired donna to write a song. >> the power blew to a smoke fire, the toilet did not work... >> reporter: she has a verse for each day the carnival splendor spent in darkness. kendis gibson, cbs news. after intense public outcry, amazon is no longer selling the self-published guide for pedophiles. the book is called, a pedophile's guide to love and pleasure a child lover's code of conduct. not clear if amazon pulled the book or whether the author
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withdrew it. the book's author argues pedophiles are misunderstood and offers advice on how to interact with a child without breaking the law. >> people have this vision that a pedophile is someone who, uhm, abuses children, that forces children to have sexual intercourse with them... but what they don't realize is the word pedophile itself means somebody who loves children. >> pedophilia is nothing more than sexual crimes against children. >> unbelievable. amazon came under intense criticism for selling the book which by the way sold 3,000 copies. many people threatened to boycott amazon unless it removed that book. they have taken toys out of happy meals. now one bay area city is again targeting children. the procedure lawmakers want banned. most women call it the monthly curse. but could it be your new monthly miracle? with the potential to cure almost something?
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>> there didn't seem to be any downside. >> coming up in minutes. >> i am really happy. >> her dog was stolen, now she gets him back. the happy reunion with what deuce the dog has been up to for two weeks. >> you see this right here? this is your weekend forecast. i'm going to compile it put it all together and pinpoint your neighborhood outlook at eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,
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"deuce"... the yorkshire terrier stolen from its owner... an for two weeks we have covered the story of deuce. the yorkshire terrier was stolen from its owner an 80- year-old woman in alameda. tonight we have a happy ending. don ford shares with us the reunion of deuce and helen. >> reporter: two weeks ago, 80- year-old helen bignone was walking to the store when she
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was robbed in broad daylight. the robbers wanted more than just her money. >> they told me to give them my purse and give me my dog and i didn't do it and the next second he said, uhm, i have a gun. >> reporter: they dognapped her life's companion deuce but alameda police got a break in the case after capturing one of the suspect deuce was found alive and well. 90 miles away in stockton. >> i am really happy. >> i really am. i'm very happy to have him back, seriously glad. >> reporter: it was his implanted microchip that sealed the deal. >> we responded with the assistance of a stockton animal control personnel. we scanned him and learned it was deuce. >> reporter: deuce is safe and sound back home with helen where she has special plans for his dinner tonight. >> he can have -- i usually limit his chicken but he can
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have it every day if he wants. [ laughter ] >> reporter: in alameda, don ford. >> if he wasn't spoiled before, he is getting spoiled knew. >> he is famous, he deserves it. >> let's get to the famous weather. we had such a beautiful morning. i know this for a fact, fact because at 8:00 this morning, i was riding with chris mccormack raising money for breast cancer awareness. lots of clear skies just like this. it's our live cbs 5 weather camera towards the bay waters where currently 61 degrees in san francisco, 61 in the other side of the bridge in oakland. there you have the sun as it is beginning to set over the vacaville area where currently, it is 57 degrees. let's look at some other notable numbers. 50s currently in danville in the east bay napa at 51, sunnyvale 58 degrees. and daly city on the peninsula lots of clarity in the mid-50s dropping down tonight into the mid-40s. 35 overnight from the tri-
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valley to 46 in san francisco, get out that extra blanket. high pressure continues to build and bask in over the western states as it does so it's clearing out the atmosphere. we had a few high, thin clouds today all associated with that cold front well to the for the of us. that's about it. let's walk you through your temperatures for your friday. it's the off show flow continuing. 60s beaches, mid-60s across the santa clara valley typical for this time of the year. a little breezy late day east of the bay north-northwest winds up to about 20 miles per hour. low 60s in richmond at 70 degrees in brentwood. otherwise this weekend looking ahead it's a good guys car show at the alameda county fairgrounds 73 degrees in pleasanton. north bay numbers will span from the low 60s at the coast to 65 degrees in sonoma, warmer than that in santa rosa and by the way, this weekend we have the rams coming to town facing the san francisco 49ers, kickoff at 68 degrees and abundance of sunshine and you will notice that all weekend, actually it looks like sunday is going to pan out to be just
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a tad cooler, otherwise the sunshine, the dry conditions will continue all the way through thursday. i previously noted chris mccormack the number one ironman in the whole wide world was in town raising money for breast cancer awareness. that's tom glenn representing channel 5, cbs 5 team. it was a beautiful morning in san jose. thanks for having us. and keep the photos coming to >> way to go. all right, roberta, thank you. maybe you have noticed there are a lot of banks offering this new breed of debit card just in time for the holiday shopping. they promise cash back, miles, points, on the purchases you're planning to make anyway. julie watts on the consumerwatch with whether it's worth signing up for. reporter: it sounds simple. you swipe your bank gives you something back. several banks including chase, bank of america and u.s. bank are trying to make it sweeter to spend your money with new debit card reward programs. sounds good. after all, you're going to
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spend that money anyways, right? what's in it for the bank? >> they are trying to lure you to a new card, increase the amount of business you're actually doing with them and trying to maximize the amount of fees that they will make from the merchant. >> reporter: adam says while it's generally a good idea to take advantage of rewards programs, there can be down sides. >> with every pro, there is a con. >> reporter: most banks that offer rewards only give them on transactions that do not require a pin code so to get a reward up to sign. >> the bank gets paid more if it's a nonp.i.n. debit card transaction by the merchant than if it is a p.i.n. debit transaction card by the merchant in some cases double. >> reporter: there may be other limitations. for example, bank of america's add it up program only gives rewards on items you buy online from selected merchants. other things to watch out for? enrollment fees. for example, chase charges $25 a year to sign up for its real
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cash debit card programs. some of the rewards don't seem rewarding. u.s. bank offers half percent cash back on nonpin deb bid card transactions that's 10 cents on a $20 purchase so trying to rack up rewards could cost you plenty. >> you could be spending just to spend in order to get the benefit of that bonus. >> reporter: several online banks are offering cash back deals including anding direct. read the conditions care terrorist there is always something in it for the bank. hey, if you have a consumer complaint or question, give us a call. we'd love to help. 1-888-5-helps-u or go to >> always reading the fine prince. next, backaches, headaches, how a woman's painful monthly cycle can help cure diseases.
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san fran e circumcision well, first it was plastic bags and happy meal toys. now a push in san francisco to ban male circumcision a proposed ballot measure for 2011 making it a misdemeanor to circumsize any male under 18. parents who break that law would face $1,000 fine and a year in jail. the man who submitted the measure calls circumcision forced genital mutilation. the measure needs more than 7,000 signatures for it to make
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the november ballot. most people sharing their thoughts with us on our facebook page say that a law on the issue would be, quote, ridiculous. "what happened to our freedom of choice?" but wa inds everyone this is a ballot measure circulated by a san franciscan: "this is his right under the initia ess." is... what's call e monthly curse"... ike a monthly miracle? dr. kim mulvihill o explain. all right. is what's called the monthly curse more like a monthly miracle? dr. kim mulvihill joins us to explain. kim. >> reporter: well, allen, we're talking about a woman's menstrual cycle and whether you call it your period, that time of the month or aunt flo, one company is calling it a great source for stem cells and that has a potential to one day cure disease. stem cells, the future of medicine, with the potential to cure just about everything. but it's a little more complicated than donating a vial of blood.
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the best kind of stem cells come from embryos or after a baby is born. stem cells are collected from blood in the umbilical cord. one company says the future of stem cells is in menstrual blood. they are doing research and selling the ability to collect and store what they call your monthly miracle. >> there didn't seem to be any downside any risks associated with doing it and there was a lot of upside potential. >> reporter: dawn mcfadden decided to try it buying in the company's claim that menstrual blood is a rich source of stem cells that could someday be used for her or her family to treat or cure everything from heart disease to sports injuries. it's called cl and that home kit for collecting menstrual blood which is then sent to a lab for processing and cryofreezing. the maker says its early research shows the cells can regenerate brain tissue in mice. >> these are to me fairly preliminary reports that we're looking at. >> reporter: an internationally renowned stem cell expert at the university of pennsylvania
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says there is not enough research on stem cells from menstrual blood. >> clearly a source of stem cells. the issue is how effective they are going to be. >> we are really excited by the results. >> reporter: a spokesman for it was interviewed via skype. she asked if it was fair to take money for something experimental. >> they know it's for the hope of the research we're doing. we feel potentially there's a lot of application we could use these cells in. >> reporter: for dawn with a family history of several diseases including parkinson's disease and breast cancer she likes investing in the future of science. >> the chance to have something that could really cure some serious disease is phenomenal. >> reporter: she paid for a special introductory offer. now the see if $500 plus 1 -- the fee is $500 plus $100 a year for storage. >> experiments show under the right conditions these menstrual blood stem cells can change into all sorts of
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different types of tissue, brain, blood vessels, lungs, liver, pancreas, seems like you name it. now, as for men? scientists hope that one day they may find comparable stem cells perhaps in their testes. we'll be right back. ,,,, [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in, you can't really love me. i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about. if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ] [ man ] 35th and archer. next stop hamilton.
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here's what we re working on for eyewitness news at 6. heard the famous i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. you have heard the famous description of our democracy, one person, one vote. well, not necessarily. why a lot of people are complaining about the bay area's latest flirtation with ranked choice voting. plus, ghost ships from wars past rotting in suisun bay. how some of them will provide one bay area city with some badly needed jobs. we are going to have that and lot more at 6:00, allen. >> thank you, we'll see you then. it would be great not to tow those ships all the way through the panama canal because that's


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